Monday, 13 June 2011

Juneathon Day 13 - levelled up

Another short run round the park. Please with myself as didn't get back till 8 after a looooong day at work and still got out the door again. Just uploaded to find I've levelled up to Green on Nike +, so now all my graphs are a lovely green. I'm trying to sound more excited, but far too tired, possibly still recovering from Kate's hen do part one on Saturday - cocktails, karaoke (yes, me singing. Kylie, Britney, Diana Ross & Shania if you must know), hula hoops (not the nasty snacks, actual hula hoops!), tequila & much laughter.
Need to do something about my times though. Was doing the equivalent of around 5km in 23min in Jan/Feb. Now around 26-8min. Hmph. I hope it's just because I haven't been out for a while and not the summer. My plans to run half marathons in Australia October to December are looking shaky. Time to set up a training plan I reckon.

Yeasayer - O.N.E. by wereofftherails

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Juneathon Day Ten - running with zed

Well I'm ashamed to have fallen off the running every day in June wagon so quickly, two days running followed by seven with no exercise at all is quite pathetic really. I have been incredibly busy and sometimes you've just got to get things done.
But there's nothing like a fellow runner to inspire you to get your fluro gear back on and out the door. Zed's in London and staying with me tonight so instead of hitting the bars of Covent Garden after I finished work we came back to North London and had a lap round the park before heading out for some tasty Turkish food and a trip over to my not-really-that-local pub.
Felt quite strange to be running with someone as I'm usually out there on my own but it was a nice change and felt good to get out the door again. So thank you Zed for giving me the gentle shove I needed. We'll be back out in the morning and hopefully I'll quickly reform a new habit of running because it actually makes me feel better and happier, and not because I feel I should.

Dead Letter Chorus - Run, Wild (Single 2010) by Dead Letter Chorus

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Juneathon Day Two - sleep for speed?

Well I did drag myself out of bed before 6.30 but by the time I'd got dressed and slapped myself awake enough to run it was 6.45 again. Going to bed at 12.30 knowing I take at least an hour to fall asleep isn't the best preparation for getting up at 6.30 to run so I'm going to keep this short and get some much needed kip tonight.

3.4km in 18:27 mins. Even slower than yetserday and had a short walk. Rubbish time but I still got out the door before 7am so hoping the speed will return with time and MORE SLEEP.

"Keys are rare and there's a dozen locks standing in your way."
   08 Broken Bells "The Mall & Misery" by bakerjason

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Juneathon Day One - Tweeting

I can hardly believe, or bare to think about, it being six months since the start of Janathon. Where has the time gone?! Well I suppose a lot has happened and changed but one thing is constant(ish); I'm still running.
Having said that I haven't been out for over a month so thankfully Juneathon should give me the kick up the backside I so often need when I've had a lazy patch.
The first of June has been a day of firsts for me, one being my first ever run before work. Those that don't know me will wonder what happened to my grand plans for running into work, dreamt up in the cold, dark days of January. Those that do know me will no doubt be amazed I've managed to get up and out of the house before 7am. I don't deal with mornings particularly well. It's the sudden shock to the system of being ripped from precious sleep and thrown into the hell of reality; a recurring daymare.
My second first is my first ever twitter/tweet/twit thing. I think I definitely missed the wave on this and am still trying the grasp the point. But I'm tiring of FaceBore and maybe rather than posting random running updates and cricket chattering to non interested parties on FB I should share them with the entire planet. Hmmmm, this will take some getting used to. But as of yesterday I had 4, yes FOUR, followers and hadn't even twittered/tweeted/whatever.
Anyway you can see the little messages to no one/everyone to the right of here or follow me at _this_moment for instant updates.

Oh, the run - A pretty crappy 3.8km in 19:30ish minutes. Zed, at this rate you having nothing to fear.
Excuses: not been out for a month; it was 6:45am when I left the house; the fricking pollen in London is making me wheeze like a 60-a-day B&H addict. But... I didn't stop or walk so not all bad. Tomorrow I'm going to get up and out by 6.30am. Yeah.

I'm also going to try share one song a day that I think kicks ass:
Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire) by RADIO YACHT

Friday, 29 April 2011

Kings Cross to Brighouse time-lapse test

In preparation for my Adelaide to Perth train journey and possibly Tasmania to Melbourne by boat and my flights to Oz later this year, here's my time-lapse test from Kings Cross to Brighouse on Grand Central. See the YouTube page for more info. The interval between shots is 5 seconds and this is too long so I'll be shooting the more interesting east side of the tracks at 1 second intervals on Monday.

The music is Boy & Bear's Rabbit Song -

Monday, 31 January 2011

Janathon Day 31 - last and coldest day

I probably wouldn't have gone out in the icy cold tonight, not after a long day at work and then coming home to file my tax return (yes I know, I know I shouldn't have left it to the last minute,  but its sooooo boring) but as I've not run for a few days (my Mum came to visit, went to the Arsenal v Huddersfield match and then the pub on Sunday) and as it's the last day of Janathon 2011 I thought I'd better get out there and brave the cold.
I could really tell I'd not been out for a few days and don't want to slack off now just 'cause Janathon's over. I know I whinged about the blogging but I have actually enjoyed getting back out and running after almost 2 months of laziness in Nov & Dec. There's a noticeable difference in my legs now and I don't want to lose that and definitely want to improve on it so that's motivation enough to keep me running from now on.

Super tired and my sausages are nearly ready so I'll sign off for now and, more as a reminder to myself than anything will post a review of my Janathon experiences and the goals I set myself later this week.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Janathon Day 26 - sleet

I must be mad. Went out after a long day of project management training, at twenty past 8, in the cold. Started raining a third of the way around and was sleeting by the time I got back 16 mins later. Glad I went though, missed yesterday but Arsenal v Ipswich was a valid reason not to. Glad I don't question it just 'cause of the weather or time now though.
Have been quite slow due to the lateness and long days on Mon and today. Am almost ready to run in to work though so should speed up, make me more alert at work, save my a tidy sum on the tube and free up my evenings for more fun activities. I should write that on a post-it to remind me to actually get organised and JUST DO IT.